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Know the Rules of Cyber Ethics

The basic rule is “Do not do something in cyberspace that you would consider wrong or illegal in everyday life.”

Considerations When Determining Responsible Behavior

Do not use rude or offensive language.
Do not cyberbully.
Do not plagiarize.
Do not break into someone else’s computer.
Do not use someone else’s password.
Do not attempt to infect or in any way try to make someone else’s computer unusable.
Adhere to copyright restrictions when downloading material from the Internet, including software, games, movies, or music.


Bullying is purposefully mean behavior that is usually repeated. The person being targeted often has a hard time defending themselves. Cyberbullying happens online on websites, mobile apps, phones, or other digital services. One form of cyberbullying is called “Trolling” which is posting in an deliberately cruel, offensive or provocative manner towards a person or group Sometimes cyberbullies are not known to the victim in which they are called “anonymous”.

Behind every username on the internet, thereʼs a real person with feelings, and we should treat them as we would want to be treated. When bullying or other mean behavior occur, there are four types of people involved.
• Thereʼs the aggressor, or person(s) doing the bullying.
• Thereʼs someone being bullied – the target.
• There are witnesses to what’s going on, usually called bystanders.
• There are witnesses to what’s going on who try to positively intervene, usually called upstanders

If you find yourself the target of cyber bullying or other bad behavior online, here are some things you can do:

• Not respond to the bully
• Block the bully
• Report the bully – tell a parent, teacher, sibling, or someone else that you trust. Talking about the situation is a sign of strength
• Report it-Use online tools in website/apps to report the post and person being a bully

A little positivity can go a long way online. It can keep negativity from spreading and turning into cruelty and harm. If you witness someone being bullied, help support the person being targeted, do not share mean online content about the victim, and tell person committing the bullying that they hurting the victim.


Know the Rules of Cyber-Ethics 

Cyber Bullying
Being a Good Digital Citizen
Cyber Bullying
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Being a Good Digital Citizen
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