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Keeping Students Safe Online

Cyber-safety has a significant importance in overall school safely and directly affects the school environment that supports personal growth and development.

The C3 program aims to equip principals, educators and staff members with the information and tools to maintain safe, secure and ethic cyber practices.

For Teachers and Parents

Itʼs important to teach our kids kindness!  Adults need to set a good online posting example in order for their kids to follow. Adults also need to understand the risks of online communication and how their children can protect themselves. Parent should frequently visit the privacy settings of any digital product  (App, website, etc) that your child uses in order to adjust what you share and how your account is handled.

To help prohibit the distribution or sharing of a photo or video of a sexual nature or one which depicts nudity,  The non-consensual distribution of intimate images law was created. This means police can now investigate and lay charges in cases where intimate images are distributed without the consent of the person depicted.

Individuals who are convicted of this type of offence could face a maximum punishment of five years in prison. They may also face other consequences, such as having to pay to cover the costs associated with removing the image from the Internet and having their cell phone or computer taken away.

Teaching Cyber-Safety to Students

  • Teach students how to have an abusive post removed.
  • Teach students about privacy settings and security settings on apps.
  • Education around safe sharing and posting only to friends how to do this
  • Education around which apps are safe or unsafe
  • Issues around cyber bullying how to prevent, report and block
  • Safe downloading of games, and other apps
  • Identifying well known scams on social media
  • Tips for safe online gaming
  • Password and account safety, passwords and security


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Classroom Resources
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Be Internet Awesome

Training, Certification and Resources
Teacher Centre Digital Citizenship 

Teach Students Internet Safety and Privacy
Teach Students Internet Safety and Privacy
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